CVS is the premier of the knock down system for the Thai Modern Style house.

   - Instant home in 15 days
   - Provides resort-style living on one’s own property,
     ensuring a warm atmosphere to the resident.
   - Using teak wood as the primary raw material providing  to the owner’s      superior taste.
   - Energy-saving home with custom-designed doors & windows enablin
     the most efficient form of air circulation.
   - Natural teak wood roofing, in addition to its beautiful features, also      provides natural protection heat and helps cool the home - fostering a      better living environment.
   - The construction is dense, durable and beautiful.
   - CVS homes can build within Thailand and export to overseas markets.
   - Flooring 8-10 inch wide

The floor plan below (Picture 2) is our Santhiya house (Standard set) the capacity is 30 Cubic meter, it will fit in 20’ container. Our standard house gives one bedroom, one bathroom and wood tunnel corridor (to connect between two houses or more). If you want more room you can adds on to its (see picture 1). The length of wood tunnel can be extended.

You can also buy the house separately. Sometime customer likes to buy only one large house with the porch to use as living area or dinning room.


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